GODs Holy Spirit

Jesus says: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. There is another one like this. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments rests the law and the prophets (Mt. 22,37-40)

Behind the veil, formed by all historical tales, legends, myths, and legends, stands God, HaShem, the Almighty and observes the work of religions, seeing the works of ideologues, philosophers, mystics, healers and political systems — seeing with the eyes of Love filled with tears! And thinking! I have created man as it should be, but he does so many strange things that are not beneficial to his life (Preacher 7.29 and 1st Cor 6.12 and 10.23)

There is not so much wrong or mysterious about the many strange things that happen, if you see them, as a matter of – order contra chaos or Love contra hate. Everything will be chaotic until Christ, by the Holy Spirit of God, brings order into society and into our thoughts. It is also said: Until He, Christ, has subjected all things under His feet. (1. Cor 15.25)

In Christ, everything will find its place! Until He has subjected everything, there will be chaos in the world and in our thoughts. This is also in line with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy. So we should not be surprised or confused by other religions or mysterious events, the hypocrisy of mighty presidents, the frustrations of demonstors etc. Confusion shall prevail until Christ has brought order into the world, until we “look to Him whom they have pierced” Zak12.10. (Admittedly, that word is addressed to the Israelites, but we (the Christian Church) have pierced Him too. Which of us can throw the first stone? Neither we nor the Israelites are innocent, we are all guilty — but we shall all become one in Christ)

We get lost when we don’t see the substance and purpose of Love, when we only see what is visible and do not look deeper. See that God, HaShem, only wants what is best for us. God is not a despot who finds joy or pleasure in giving people meaningless rules and laws and punish His Creation when they are not obeying or cannot obey to perfection. God’s laws are for the good of people, both in terms of natural laws and social laws. We can, to some extent, compare it to the coronarules we currently live under. They’re difficult and life-changing, but they’re made to protect us in a given situation. The same can be said of God’s rules and laws. They are beneficial and protection to us, some applied for a given situation or time period, others are permanent such as the above in Mt 22.

We must allow the Holy Spirit of God to guide us, and not let the Holy Spirit be drowned by worry and anxiety, and we must not be so haughty as to believe that we, at the present, are filled solely by the Holy Spirit. Here, too, we can use the corona time as an example. If rules and laws are not in our hearts and an obvious part of our lives, they must be exercised by force. In Sweden, it was naively believed that the corona rules were in “the heart” of the Swedes, while in Denmark we were more realistic and put mild power behind the laws/rules. Had rules and laws been firmly entrenched in people’s “hearts”, power would not have been necessary.

The same relationship can be said of the Law of Moses and the Holy Spirit of God. The substance of the rules and laws is the same, but the understanding and expression are different. Moreover, the coronavirus is much less dangerous than the virus that plagues people’s souls and minds – the virus of lies, hatred and selfishness.

Against it there is only one vaccine – Christ!

That’s why we can say: “Shema Olahm” – “Hear oh world! The Lord our God, the Lord is one and the Covenant is one”

“God, HaShem, is everything in everything everywhere, before everything and after all! We will get lost if we do not realize the mighty and infinity of God, and I say to you, dear friends in Christ: “

Days shall come when those who believe they have knowledge, shall realize that they know nothing, and days shall come when none of us can find our head and tail in the chaos that occurs. In those days, everything we believe about Christ will find its true expression both in us, in our homes, in society and in the church – and then we must wonder how simple and wonderful everything is, and we shall understand what is meant by Jer. 31.31-33

“When we see the work of your hands, what is a human being? When we see the joy of life, caring, singing, and selfless acts of Love all over our globe, when we see the life, the beauty and diversity of nature and the laws of the universe, we must ask: “What, then, is your creation that you bless it? Wherever there is an act of selfless love, is holy ground. Then we shall learn what is meant by Ps. 8

Then we will realize that the Gods Holy Spirit is the one that connects and unites the ancient scriptures with the new ones. Who creates coherence and awareness of God’s presence and the one who makes the Father and the Son one. Then we shall learn that on the day of the Lord, the Holy Spirit of God, like an antivirus program for a computer, will cleanse the control program of our souls, and erase everything that is not of Love in us.

No matter who we are, where we are, what faith we have, what culture we live in, the Holy Spirit of God will come upon us and purge all selfishness, hypocrisy, hatred, and evil out of us.

Then we will have to see if we “survive” this cleansing proces!

On that day GODs GRACE is our only hope!

Blessings with Apg 2.1-4


Written in recognition of human limitations according to Jes. 55,8-9

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